Me Time

NMIMS School of Design, India

A multi-device home system aimed at helping mothers working from home have more control over their work and family time.

Q&A with Judges

The judges and finalists will be engaging in Q&A here until April 10. Follow along on each finalist page, and register to find out which team will win the 2021 Longevity Design Challenge on April 13!

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April 9, 2021 3:40 am

What are the attributes the wearable measures? How is it doing this measurements? Should tis be targeted for parents and not just mom?

April 10, 2021 8:40 am
Reply to  agoldstein

Thank you for the question Dr. Goldstein! We shall answer your question in two parts.  PART 1 Our solution gathers data from the wearable which would help in mapping out the user’s emotions and stress levels. There are two methods for doing emotion detection based on the wearable that the user owns: the wearables that have continuous tracking (Empatica Embrace Plus) and those that have non-continuous tracking (Fitbit, Apple, Samsung) GROUP A (Empatica Embrace Plus) For emotion detection (refer to the attached image) the data points which would be measured are: Deviation from baseline heart rate, sensed by the heart… Read more »

empatica mthods.jpeg