2015 – 2016 Design Challenge Finalists

FILLanthropy: Mind Finalist in This Year’s Design Challenge

An online volunteer matching service for people of all backgrounds and interests who want to share their time and talent with each other, FILLanthropy emerged from team lead Annabel Chang’s studies at the Stanford Center on Longevity’s practicum course.


A social network and informational resource for seniors connected to an online marketplace.

Together-Green: Mind Finalist in This Year’s Challenge

Using pairs of potted plants integrated with Internet-connected sensors, Together-Green enables families separated by distance to help each other monitor and care for their plants as a shared goal.

PicMemory: Mind Finalist in This Year’s Design Challenge

A mobile app designed to help people with dementia organize their life stories while facilitating family interaction, PicMemory was inspired by Sha Yao’s Eatwell, winner of 2014’s Design Challenge.

Sturdy Swivel: Mobility Finalist in This Year’s Design Challenge

A device which helps the mobility-impaired enter and exit vehicles while in a seated position, the design was inspired by geriatrician Dr. Janice Schwartz and several of her patients.


Echo is a wireless, audio wayfinding kit that helps people who’ve recently become visually impaired to develop awareness of their surroundings. This was a challenge lead designer Yee Jek Khaw experienced first-hand in 2012.


POTALK is a potted plant with watering system triggered by a microphone, encouraging isolated people to talk with others.

Dex: Mobility Finalist in This Year’s Design Challenge

Dex is a fitness system incorporating a smart insole with pressure sensors and a health-monitoring app which monitors a user’s gait and then based on it, recommends game-based exercises.

Memoir Monopoly

A tablet-based rehabilitation game platform for dementia patients, Memoir Monopoly integrates photos from the players’ lives into interactive challenges that exercise their memory and recognition abilities.

Bath Chair

Bath Chair is a portable bath designed to help the mobility-impaired safely wash themselves while remaining in a seated position.

City Cart

City Cart is a walker/cart hybrid designed to help users with mobility issues safely and easily make shopping trips. A finalist in the Mobility category of this year’s Design Challenge, it was created by design students at SF State’s Product Design 2 course.

Veevo: Mobility Finalist in This Year’s Design Challenge

Veevo is a compact, in-home workout station which folds out into five different exercises – then folds back into a usable end table. The design team had actually been working on Veevo prior to learning of the Challenge.