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Archive for category: Cognitive Enhancement


Can you think yourself young? – The Guardian

Research shows that a positive attitude to ageing can lead to a longer, healthier life, while negative beliefs can have hugely detrimental effects. Behaviour is undoubtedly important. If you associate age with frailty and disability, you may be less likely to exercise as you get older and that lack of activity is certainly going to […]


Active Voice: A Single Session of Exercise Induces Hippocampal Plasticity in Older Adults – ACSM

Memory loss is one of the most common complaints of older adults. Lifestyle interventions, including exercise, are increasingly popular to preserve brain health in older age. While there is ample empirical evidence to support the cognitive benefits of a physically active lifestyle, the neurophysiological mechanisms are difficult to determine conclusively in humans. Over months or […]


The Lifestyle Psychiatry project of the WPA Section on Medicine, Psychiatry and Primary Care

The importance of psychiatry and behavioral health in the delivery of overall health care and optimization of health is widely acknowledged. However, the stigma related to mental illness in society and the separation of psychiatric care from tra­ditional medical settings has resulted in significant challenges in integrating all aspects of care necessary in maintaining op­timal health and […]