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The Impact of Supplements on Sports Performance for the Trained Athlete: A Critical Analysis

Elite athletes often use nutritional supplements to improve performance and gain competitive advantage. The prevalence of nutrient supplementation ranges from 40% to 100% among trained athletes, yet few athletes have a trusted source of information for their supplement decisions and expected results. This critical analysis review evaluates systematic reviews, meta-analyses, randomized control trials, and crossover […]

American Heart Association adds sleep to cardiovascular health checklist – American Heart Association

Sleep duration is now considered an essential component for ideal heart and brain health. Life’s Essential 8™ cardiovascular health score replaces Life’s Simple 7™, according to a new Presidential Advisory, Life’s Essential 8—Updating and Enhancing the American Heart Association’s Construct on Cardiovascular Health, published today in Circulation, the Association’s flagship, peer-reviewed journal.

Computer Science x Human Performance

By Brigid Reidy Artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken the world around us to new heights. We find these systems operating in the background of some of our most loved and appreciated products such as at home smart-speakers, ride-booking apps, social media, and even google translate. In the past year these branches of computer […]

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

By Julia Pangalangan The Standard American diet contributes significantly to risk of disease, mortality, and morbidity in the United States. In contrast, dietary patterns emphasizing a whole food, plant-based approach to eating promotes health and longevity. A whole food, plant-based (WFPB) dietary pattern involves consuming a variety of vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, […]

Navigating the Difficult World of Supplements

By Matthew Kaufman When you think about nutritional supplements for athletic performance, you may imagine an advertised “get fit quick!” and a promise to change your whole life. I remember when friends, teammates or a coach would tell me about a supplement, I would often tune it out for a couple of different reasons. First, […]

Strength Training May Be Better Than Cardio for Improving Sleep, Study Suggests – Iowa State University

If you’re looking to up your workout’s sleep-boosting effects, try strength training, new data says. Also known as resistance training, it helps you build muscle and improve flexibility, posture, and bone density. Now new research suggests strength training trumps cardio when it comes to better sleep outcomes. The new data from researchers at Iowa State […]

Daily steps and all-cause mortality – The Lancet

The number of steps we take each day is often recommended to have health advantages, but evidence to back up this claim is still somewhat lacking. A new meta-analysis set out to examine the link between daily step count and all-cause mortality. They analyzed the association of steps per day with all-cause mortality and calculated […]