These habits can cut the risk of depression in half, a new study finds – NPR

Antidepressant medicines tend to be faster in treating an episode of depression, says Douglas Noordsy, a psychiatrist with the Stanford Lifestyle Medicine Program. “But physical exercise has more durable effects than an antidepressant does,” he says.

For some people, medication gives them a benefit in the beginning, but then it fades over time, Noordsy says. “Whereas a lifestyle change can have a more permanent and lasting effect.” Noordsy and his colleagues use a range of evidence-based recommendations and tools, from medicines to therapy to behavioral approaches including fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress management, to help empower patients.

Protect your brain from stress

Protect your brain from stress – Harvard Health

Stress management may reduce health problems linked to stress, which include cognitive problems and a higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.