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The typical pattern: In March, people thought they would work from home for just a couple of weeks, so it was no problem to work from the couch. Or perhaps their spouse or roommate, also working from home, claimed the one serviceable desk.

At first they felt only mild discomfort. Then, gradually, the pain sharpened. This is most commonly an “overuse injury” that stems from repetitive trauma, said Dr. Michael Fredericson, professor of orthopedic surgery at Stanford University, adding, “It’s kind of like when a tire blows out on you. It wasn’t necessarily one incident; the tread was wearing down over time.”

“It doesn’t always take that much,” said Dr. Fredericson, adding that because increased stress can boost the risk of injury, we should do what we can to relax. “It’s really the simple things. Get out. Take a walk.”

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