Susanne Stadler

Architect; Social Entrepreneur

stadlerSusanne Stadler is both an architect and a social entrepreneur who contributes a focused expertise on housing design, community building and intergenerational design within the context of design for being ‘at home with growing older’. She cofounded the interdisciplinary forum and resource agency, ‘At Home With Growing Older’ (AHWGO) in 2009 together with a social worker, with the intent to promote imaginative, integrative responses for the challenges of this phase of life across disciplines. AHWGO hosts monthly interdisciplinary and intergenerational learning forums on a wide variety of topics that are relevant to the aging experience.

Susanne frequently speaks at conferences and to academic audiences on how design contributes to the emotional and physical potential for being ‘at home with growing older’ and how to turn one’s home into an ally in life’s transitions.