Karissa Price-Rico

Chief Marketing Officer, Intel-GE Care Innovations

PriceA Global Entertainment Executive who worked with Karissa on a recent consulting project applauded her “ability to understand the key issues quickly and get things done”, and this really exemplifies her approach to the many projects she’s tackled over her career.

Her management expertise spans the full range of executive functions – Strategy, Marketing, Consumer Engagement, Product Development, and Business Development.  Add to this her marketing expertise with Boomers and seniors, and understanding of drivers in healthcare today and you will see that Karissa is a well-rounded business leader.

Karissa Price-Rico is a strategic leader with broad industry experience as well as deep homecare experience and a passion for creating growth for organizations large and small.  Karissa has been a consultant for Fortune 100 companies, a co-founder of a healthcare startup, and lead product development, marketing, business development and strategy for the largest advertiser in the US Hispanic market.

Today, Karissa is the Chief Marketing Officer at Intel-GE Care Innovations, the leading provider of remote patient management solutions.  Karissa played a leadership role in the development and launch of Care Innovation’s 4th generation platform, Health Harmony, which connects clinicians with patients at home and their family caregivers and facilitates improved health outcomes and reduced costs.

A graduate of Harvard University, Karissa holds a Doctorate degree in International Political Economy. Karissa is originally from Idaho and has lived in Indonesia, Venezuela, Spain and Mexico. She now calls Encino home where she lives with her husband and active son. She enjoys taking long walks in the surrounding area with her Dobermans and is an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation.