Karen Venable

CEO and Founder, Roommates4Boomers


Karen Venable is Roommates4Boomers CEO and Founder, responsible for the company’s vision, values and corporate strategy. Her personal experience in home sharing led her to start the business, which is focused on facilitating housing options for baby boomer women. In addition, Karen is working with the Village to Village Network on prototyping the concept of shared housing. She has also worked with Encore.org and the National Council on Aging on issues of shared housing. Karen’s previous work experience was in the energy sector where she was responsible for consulting with Fortune 500 utility companies, and was project manager for a private power project in Nairobi, Kenya. Most recently, Karen was President of Oregon Display, which manufactured and imported displays for the natural products industry. Karen was a Visiting Scholar at Tulane University where she earned an MBA in Finance. She lives in Portland, Oregon.