Jason Scott

Managing Director, Retiree Research Center

ScottDr. Jason Scott is the managing director of the Financial Engines Retiree Research Center. Financial Engines is the largest independent registered investment advisor in the U.S., with assets under management in excess of $110 Billion and approximately 900,000 individual clients. The Retiree Research Center is dedicated to helping retirees maximize their standard of living in a world of uncertain investment performance, uncertain longevity, and uncertain health care costs. Jason has broad experience in retirement economics and has written on a variety of retirement topics, including longevity annuities, efficient retirement spending and investment strategies, Social Security optimization and the impact of loss aversion on investment decisions. Prior to the formation of the Retiree Research Center, Jason directed the research and development group at Financial Engines. He received his B.S. in economics from Texas A&M University and earned his Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University.