Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge Finals 2023


Designing Exoskeletons to Sustain Mobility as We Age
Steven Collins
 Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Stanford Biomechatronics Laboratory, Stanford University


(in alphabetical order)

2 Care – A tool for monitoring periodontal health. (Awarded 3rd prize.)
Yueh-Ju (Apple) Chou & Yen (Liza) Chang
Tunghai University, Ming Chi University of Technology, and National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan

Circle Fun – Public fitness equipment designed for use by grandparents and grandchildren together.
Shanshan Su, JianFang Guan, Kaige Wang, Qinran Wang, & Yanan Wen
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

PaperRoad – An AI-powered wellness platform for teens targeting mental health.
Alexandra Slabakis, Kathy Lee, & Emma Rogers
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Shakti – An app for pregnant women that detects anemia, monitors iron-folic acid (IFA) intake, and provides information about anemia symptoms and treatment.
Arjun Mahesh, Malavika Mahesh, & Advaita Manikkath
UC Davis, USA

Sonura – An auditory system for NICU babies that blocks high frequency environmental noises and plays parental audio messages to promote healthy development.
Caroline Magro, Tifara Boyce, Gabriela Cano, Gabriella Daltoso, & Sophie Ishiwari
University of Pennsylvania, USA

Tree of Life – A board game that helps people understand the cognitive changes associated with healthy aging and the steps they can take to maintain cognitive health.
Achintya Chaudhary
NMIMS School of Design, India

Unpause Life – An informational and resource kit for people going through menopause. (Awarded 2nd prize.)
Zeel Shah
NMIMS School of Design, India

Variable Reactive Board – A mechanically actuated balance training device. (Awarded 1st prize.)
Carleigh McFarlane & Gustavo Ghavami
New York University & Pratt Institute, USA


Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge 2023 Awards
1st prize: $10,000 (Variable Reactive Board)
2nd prize: $5,000 (Unpause Life)
3rd prize: $2,000 (2 Care)


Sha Yao, EatWell
Winner of the first-ever Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge in 2014, EatWell is an assisted dining ware set to help people with dementia eat more independently. EatWell was featured in the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in 2018 and was featured as one of the “25 Best Inventions of 2016” by Time Magazine.

Kyle Rand, Rendever
Second prize winner of the 2017 Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge, Rendever is a virtual reality platform designed to improve the quality of life of older adults. Rendever can be found in senior living facilities across the US and was awarded a $2 million NIH grant to research the impact of virtual reality on the aging population.

John Onuigbo, Foris Labs
Winner of the 2021 Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge, Foris Labs is an offline platform that simulates a science lab for high school students, in which they can perform individual or group experiments. Foris Labs is designed to provide better access to education – one of the longevity supports emphasized in SCL’s New Map of Life. Since winning the Design Challenge, Onuigbo has raised $30,000 in initial funding.

Distinguished Alumni Panel
A conversation about the former competitors’ journeys after the Design Challenge and their thoughts about designing for longevity.
Moderator: Ricardo Gomes, Professor, School of Design, SFSU
Panelists: Justin Boogaard (GoGoGrandparent ’17), John Onuigbo (Foris Labs ’21), Kyle Rand (Rendever ’17), Sha Yao (Eatwell ’14)


10 Years of the Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge
Ken Smith, Stanford Center on Longevity


Designing for Life Transitions
Marie Conley-Smith, Stanford Center on Longevity



The Challenge is made possible by generous sponsorship from a number of companies and foundations. Lead sponsorship is provided by Target, Honda, and Finance of America Reverse. Additional financial support has been provided by Procter and Gamble, Halbert Hargrove, Eskaton, Odyssey Group Coaching LLC, and Tushara Dilanie.


Jeremy Chang, Director, Asset Acquisition; Associate Director, Computational Genetics, BridgeBio
Michael Fredericson, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery; Program Director, Lifestyle Medicine; SCL Co-Director, Stanford University
Riley Gibson, President, Silvernest
Deborah Kado, Professor of Medicine; SCL Co-Director, Stanford University
Todd Murch, President & CEO, Eskaton
Jane Nakagawa, Vice President of R&D, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Sha Yao, CEO & Chief Designer, EatWell


Danit Ariel (Unpause Life), Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine – Endocrinology, Gerontology, & Metabolism, Stanford Medicine
Priss Benbow (Circle Fun), President, Benbow International PR; Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute
Nicholas Bernhardt-Lanier (Tree of Life), Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company
Luciana Lins (Shakti), Former International Trade Advisor; Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute
Glenn Osaka (Variable Reactive Board), Consulting Executive, Advisor, and Board Director; Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute
Pam Sherwin (Sonura), Co-Founder, Graham Sherwin Studio, Inc.; Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute
Emilio Umeoka (PaperRoad), Former VP Enterprise Sales, Apple; Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute
Sherry Zhang (2 Care), Founder of LifeMaster Consulting firm, Former HR VP of Medtronic Greater China; Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute

Russ Hill, Stanford Center on Longevity Advisory Council Chair