(Listed alphabetically)

Virginia Tech University
An intergenerational service that tackles social isolation and promotes healthy habits through community engagement and gardening.
Family Room
Stanford University
Helps families capture and share the histories of their older loved ones through high quality and low-tech audio stories.
i2 Housing
New York University
Uses an intergenerational solutions lens to bolster health, aging-in-place, and reduce student debt through home sharing.
San Francisco State University
Builds intergenerational connections between neighbors in mobile home parks.
Shih Chien University (Taiwan)
Creates an opportunity for all generations to enjoy time together through music, including intergenerational learning between children and grandparents.
Pillow Fight!
YuanZe University (Taiwan)
Changed complicated video game controllers to familiar household items –pillows, enabling elder adults and children to play together by ‘punching.’
Smart Volunteer System
Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design (Russia)
A volunteer intellectual system that is designed to facilitate interaction between an elderly person and a volunteer.
So You Think You Know Your Grandma?
UC Berkeley
A storytelling-based card game that breaks down intergenerational barriers within the family.