Goran Puljic

Senior Advisor, Strategic Value Partners; former Partner, Oak Hill Advisors , L.P.

Goran has over 30 years of experience in the securities and investment businesses. After graduating from Columbia University, Goran began his business career at Morgan Stanley in the field of interest rate derivatives. After working in senior roles in trading, structuring and marketing of interest rate, currency and commodities derivatives, primarily at Goldman Sachs, Goran transitioned to investment management, focusing on structured credit investing.

In 2002, Goran joined Lehman Brothers Private Equity (LBPE), where he managed nearly $2 billion in capital from third-party investors as well as from Lehman itself. He recently retired as a Partner of Oak Hill Advisors, where he was a Portfolio Manager and Co-head of the Corporate Structured Products Group. He currently works with Strategic Value Partners, a $6.6B distressed credit investing firm.