Barry Katz

Professor of Industrial and Interaction Design, California College of the Arts; Fellow, IDEO, Inc.

Barry Katz is a design historian based in the Design Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is at the same time Professor of Industrial and Interaction Design at the California College of the Arts and Fellow of IDEO, Inc., the global design and innovation consultancy. Dr. Katz holds degrees from McGill University in Montreal, the London School of Economics, and the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has published dozens of essays and articles on design history and theory, as well as six books including Change By Design (with Tim Brown: Harper Collins, 2009), NONOBJECT (with Branko Lukic: MIT Press, 2010), and Make it New: The History of Silicon Valley Design (MIT Press, 2015). He lectures and consults for businesses, governments, and academic institutions worldwide.