Colin Milner

CEO, International Council on Active Aging

Colin Milner is CEO of the International Council on Active Aging and a leading authority on the health and well-being of the older adult. Milner has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of “the most innovative and influential minds” in the world on aging-related topics.

An award-winning writer, Milner has authored more than 300 articles. He has been published in such journals as Global Policy, and the Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics. He also contributed a chapter to the World Economic Forum book Global Population Ageing: Peril or Promise?

Whether Fortune 500 companies, or governmental organizations, Milner’s efforts have inspired a broad spectrum of groups to seek his counsel, include amongst these are Ernst and Young, New Balance, The White Conference on Aging, The National Institute on Aging, the OECD, and the World Economic Forum.