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Archive for category: Longevity News 2012


12/6/2012 – Center on Longevity Director Laura Carstensen Makes AARP's "The Influentials: 50 Over 50" List

Center on Longevity Founding Director Laura Carstensen was listed in AARP’s “The Influentials: 50 Over 50” List. Among those listed are U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, political satirist and talk show host Jon Stewart and legendary musician Bruce Springsteen. “On Wall Street, in Washington and beyond, these folks have a huge impact on our […]


12/5/2012 – For the Old, Less Sense of Whom to Trust

There’s a reason so many older people fall for financial scams, new research suggests. They don’t respond as readily to visual cues that suggest a person might be untrustworthy, and their brains don’t send out as many warning signals that ignite a danger ahead gut response. Read the full article at The New York Times.


12/5/2012 – Generation Y looks far ahead, to retirement

When it comes to saving money, Generation Y is asking “why not?” Young people are discovering that the earlier they start saving for retirement and the longer they work, the larger the nest egg will be. And they are looking for ways to change their savings behavior accordingly. Read the full article at The Boston […]


12/3/2012 – Forced to Choose: Exploring Other Options

Medicare will pay for hospice, the acknowledged gold standard for those at the end of life and their families, and it will also pay for skilled nursing (known in this universe as the “sniff” benefit, for Skilled Nursing Facility or S.N.F.). But only rarely will it cover both at the same time, which creates a […]


12/1/2012 – More Babies, Please

IN the eternally recurring debates about whether some rival great power will knock the United States off its global perch, there has always been one excellent reason to bet on a second American century: We have more babies than the competition. Read the full article at The New York Times.


12/1/2012 – Mortgage Catch Pushes Widows Into Foreclosure

Just as the housing market is recovering, a growing group of homeowners — widows over the age of 50 whose husbands alone were holders of the mortgage — are losing their homes to foreclosure because of a paperwork flaw that keeps them from obtaining loan modifications. In the latest chapter of the foreclosure crisis, homeowners […]


12/1/2012 – Taking a Stand for Office Ergonomics

The health studies that conclude that people should sit less, and get up and move around more, have always struck me as fitting into the “well, duh” category. Related Bits Blog: Field Notes in Ergonomic Diversity: Standup Workers Speak (December 2, 2012) But a closer look at the accumulating research on sitting reveals something more […]


11/29/2012 – Why Can’t I Hear as Well as Before?

While hearing loss can have a variety of causes, including infection and some medications, presbycusis is the term for the gradual decline in ear function that occurs as people age. “The sensory nerve endings in the organ of hearing become structurally damaged,” said Dr. Gordon B. Hughes, program director of clinical trials for the National […]