4/6/2013 – Shifting Our Retirement Savings Into Automatic

Many problems are so complex that even if we had the money to fix them, we wouldn’t know how to do it. Fixing inner-city schools, reducing obesity, creating peace in the Middle East are just a few examples.

But some problems are frustrating in another way: we know how to fix them and we can afford to fix them, but we drop the ball. That’s the situation with a crisis facing many Americans: saving enough for retirement.

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4/3/2013 – Misperceptions of Benefits

President Obama had Senate Republicans nodding in agreement during a recent ice-breaking dinner as he described a basic problem for the nation’s fiscal future: For each dollar that Americans pay for Medicare, they ultimately draw about $3 in benefits. What’s more, he added, most people do not understand that.

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4/3/2013 – Dementia Care Cost Is Projected to Double by 2040

The most rigorous study to date of how much it costs to care for Americans with dementia found that the financial burden is at least as high as that of heart disease or cancer, and is probably higher. And both the costs and the number of people with dementia will more than double within 30 years, skyrocketing at a rate that rarely occurs with a chronic disease.

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4/2/2013 – Are you a born retirement saver?

Are some people born to save and others not? Is it nature or is it nurture? Well, a new study on this age-old debate suggests that—at least when it comes to saving for retirement—it’s more nature than nurture. You are either hard wired to save or not.

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3/25/2013 – Boomers Feeling (Slightly) More Financially Secure

Worried about keeping or finding a job, paying down debt and having enough money to retire, Boomers overall have been more pessimistic than any other age group when it comes to their own financial security.

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3/25/2013 – Expense and Emotions in Preparing for Long-Term Care

The emotional impact of witnessing the decline of a family member or helping to care for one is often the reason people seek coverage for long-term care, people who work in the aging field say.

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3/25/2013 – For Older Americans, a Deepening Debt Problem

Your money may be as tight as your skin, but the true gift of your youth is one of the most powerful tools of financial planning: time. If you are a senior in retirement and in debt, however, all you may possess is a feeling of powerlessness as time slips away.

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3/22/2013 – U.S. Retirement Poll: The Big Lie And The Big Fantasy

The Employee Benefit Research Institute just rolled out its 23rd annual Retirement Confidence Survey and before you roll your eyes — another retirement survey?! — let me mention that it’s the mother of them all.

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3/20/2013 – U.S. workforce grows older as workers postpone retirement

American workers are pushing their retirement further down the road finding that rising life expectancies mean they’ll need more income. Some say these older workers could bring an opportunity for companies to create new work models to accommodate older workers.

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3/11/2013 – Longevity Costs Outpace Senior Savings

“Perhaps because I’m turning grayer at the temples or maybe because I’m managing the aging issues of my own parents, I have taken a hard look at the current state of longevity in America, and we should all be very nervous. Most of us will live longer than we expect, it will cost us a great deal and options are limited.”

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