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A Person-Centered Approach to Financial Capacity Assessment: Preliminary Development of a New Rating Scale

Authors:  Peter Lichtenberg, Wayne State University; Jonathan Stoltman, Wayne State University; Lisa Flicker, Wayne State University; Madelyn Iris, CJE SeniorLife; Benjamin Mast, University of Louisville, Kentucky Publication: Clinical Gerontologist Year: 2015 Focus Area: 2000 to present, Aging, Decision Making; Financial Literacy Relevance: Impairment in financial decision making is associated with increased susceptibility to financial exploitation […]


Mild Cognitive Impairment and Susceptibility to Scams in Old Age

Authors:  Duke Han, Rush University Medical Center and VA Long Beach Healthcare System; Patricia Boyle, Rush University Medical Center; Bryan James, Rush University Medical Center; Lei Yu, Rush University Medical Center; David Bennett, Rush University Medical Center Publication: Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Year: 2015 Focus Area: 2000 to present, Aging, Decision Making, Victim Profiling Relevance: A […]


Importance of Numeracy as a Risk Factor for Elder Financial Exploitation in a Community Sample

Authors: Stacey Wood, Department of Psychology at Scripps College; Pi-Ju Liu, Department of Psychology at University of SanFrancisco, California; Yaniv Hanoch, School of Psychology at University of Plymouth; Sara Estevez-Cores, Department of Psychology at Scripps College Publication: Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Science Year: 2015 Focus Area: 2000 to present, Aging, Decision Making, Financial Literacy Relevance: Numeracy is […]


Individual Differences in Risky Decision-Making Among Seniors Reflect Increased Reward Sensitivity

Authors: James F. Cavanagh1,2, David Neville2, Michael X. Cohen2,3, Irene Van de Vijver2, Helga Harsay2, Poppy Watson2, Jessika I.  Buitenweg2, and K. Richard Ridderinkhof2 1 Brown University,  2 University of Amsterdam, 3 University of Arizona Publication: Frontiers in Neuroscience Year: 2012 Focus Area: Aging, Decision–Making Relevance: Understanding the decision-making process in older adults, especially with […]


Neural and behavioral bases of age differences in perceptions of trust

Title: Neural and behavioral bases of age differences in perceptions of trust Authors: Elizabeth Castle, Naomi Eisenberger, Teresa Seeman, Wesley Moons, Ian Boggero, Mark Grinblatt and Shelley Taylor; University of California, Los Angeles Publication: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) Year: 2012 Focus Area: Victim Profiling, Decision […]


Age-Related Differences in Deception

Relevance: Understanding age-related differences in lie detection ability could offer insight as to which age group is more susceptible to falling for fraud pitches. Summary: An interesting question in deception research is whether lying and lie detection ability change with age.  On one hand, both lying and the ability to spot a lie may improve […]


A neuropsychological test of belief and doubt: damage to ventromedial prefrontal cortex increases credulity for misleading advertising

Authors: Erik Asp , Kenneth Manzel, Bryan Koestner, Catherine A. Cole, Natalie L. Denburg, and Daniel Tranel (University of Iowa) Publication: Frontiers in Neuroscience Year: 2012 Focus Area(s): Aging, Decision Making, Consumer Behavior Relevance: Understanding the neural pathways that underlie belief and doubt offers neuroanatomical insight as to why older adults may be more vulnerable […]


The psychology of scams: Provoking and committing errors of judgment

Authors: Office of Fair Trading (prepared by University of Exeter School of Psychology) Year: 2009 Relevance: We may make errors of judgment when we succumb to legitimate sales appeals. This work seeks to identify what particular errors lead to scam victimization. “[A] modest probability of falling for a scam is no longer an inexplicable exception […]


Social Influence: Compliance and Comformity

Authors: Robert B. Cialdini & Noah J. Goldstein, Arizona State University Publication: Annual Review of Psychology Year: 2004 Focus Area: Persuasion, Decision Making Relevance: Understanding what makes an individual more likely to comply with a request may help explain how fraud is achieved. Summary: This article offers a review of the recent literature in compliance […]


Deception: From Ancient Empires to Internet Dating

Authors: Brooke Harrington, Ed., & Guido Möllering (Max Planck Institute), Paul Thompson & Hany Farid (Dartmouth College), Jeffrey T. Hancock (Cornell University), Tom Lutz (University of California, Riverside), Maureen O’Sullivan (University of San Francisco), Carl T. Bergstrom (University of Washington), Gary Urton, Frederick Schauer & Richard Zeckhauser (Harvard University), Mark G. Frank (State University of New York),  Gary Alan Fine (Northwestern University), […]