Inspiring People to Think Differently About Aging

11/22/11 – "Touching the 'third rail'"

Anti-obesity program for low-income kids show promise, study finds

Combating childhood obesity can help prevent problems later in life, such as diabetes and chronic disease. Results of a study led by Center on Longevity faculty affiliate Thomas Robinson MD are important signs of progress in efforts to design health-promotion and disease-prevention campaigns.

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Maximizing the Potential of an Aging Population

With the aging of the population, the burden of disability will have an increasingly profound influence across a number of domains, ranging from health care expenditures and the provision of care to older persons’ quality of life, according to a Journal of the American Medical Association article co-authored by faculty affiliate Abby King PhD.

Food Summit encourages researchers to collaborate across disciplines

More than 350 members of the campus community attended the inaugural Stanford Food Summit Nov. 3 for a day of cross-disciplinary intellectual ferment about food-related problems.

Millennials at Work: What We Know and What We Need to Do (If Anything)

There are a lot of opinions about who Millennials are, what they think and value, and how they will behave as they grow older and gain more experience in the workforce. The relatively sparse empirical research published on Millennials is confusing at best and contradictory at worst. As noted in this article and others in this special issue, however, there are a few topics including…

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Do Women Pay More for Mortgages?

Do women pay more for mortgages than men? Research suggests that they do – and that part of the reason is because of differences in the way that men and women tend to decide which mortgage to choose.

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