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1/7/2014 Older Americans Shun Retirement at 65 for Risky Startups (Bloomberg)

On his 65th birthday, physical therapist Gary Kinsey incorporated a company that makes medical devices. Older Americans such as Kinsey are increasingly shunning retirement to start companies because they see job opportunities limited after age 55, don’t have enough savings to retire comfortably or want to work for themselves. Read the full article at Bloomberg.

12/17/2013 – A Way to Stay on the Job (NY Times)

Does your employer offer back-up elder care? Hundreds do, among them corporations (Home Depot, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard), universities (Columbia, Northwestern), hospitals (Houston Methodist, Memorial Sloan-Kettering), law firms, nonprofit organizations and several government agencies. They collectively cover millions of employees. It is not the solution we all want to the long-term care crisis and the over-reliance on […]

12/17/2013 – Don't blame pensions for cities' woes: New study (CNBC)

Detroit’s recent high-profile trip to bankruptcy court—allowing it to break decades of costly pension promises—has prompted other city officials to blame “legacy” retiree benefit costs for their dire financial conditions. But pension costs have played only a minor role in the current financial plight of the dozens of U.S. cities that find themselves unable to […]