Household Formation Over Time: Evidence from Two Cohorts of Young Adults

Much recent discussion has centered on the decline in the household formation of young adults during and following the Great Recession. Many young individuals chose to live at home rather than move out to form their own households, while others moved back in with their parents after previously living independently. Numerous reports and articles have explored the recent household-formation behavior of young adults, as economists, sociologists, and others try to determine why the number of young adults living independently has decreased.

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Should College Students Be Required to Take a Course in Personal Finance?

Being knowledgable about money management, budgeting and finance is no guarantee of success in life. But ignorance about such concepts often comes at great cost. When it comes to financial literacy, however, the U.S. gets a failing grade at least by one count. The U.S. ranked 14th in a 2015 global study conducted by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Group and others, with a financial literacy rate of 57%. One solution would be to have colleges require students to take a personal-finance course. Would that help? Two experts weigh in.

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When Will the Penny Drop? Money, Financial Literacy and Risk in the Digital Age

In November 2016, Allianz, in collaboration with Director Annamaria Lusardi, surveyed a total of 10,000 (approximately 1,000 people in each country) in the western European countries of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom to better understand their financial and risk literacy and financial decision making.

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How Does Student Debt Affect Early-Career Retirement Saving?

This paper examines the relationship between student loans and retirement saving behavior by 30-year-old workers.

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Peak Millennial? Cities Can’t Assume a Continued Boost From the Young

Over the past decade, many American cities have been transformed by young professionals of the millennial generation, with downtowns turning into bustling neighborhoods full of new apartments and pricey coffee bars. But soon, cities may start running out of millennials.

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Pulling Retirement Cash, but Not by Choice

Baby boomers’ mandatory withdrawals from 401(k)s, IRAs and other tax-deferred retirement accounts start in full force this year, touching off a massive shift of cash

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Report Finds California Home Ownership Rates At Lowest Since 1940s

A draft report from California’s Department of Housing and Community Development found home ownership rates in the state are at their lowest since the 1940s.

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Medical Savings Associated with Reductions in BMI Among US Adults with Obesity, by Diabetes Status

Minimal reductions in weight among the heaviest individuals could save thousands per person per year in medical expenditures in the US.

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