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Resveratrol may be an effective intervention for lung aging – Science Daily

Researchers demonstrate, for the first time that inhaled resveratrol treatments slow aging-related degenerative changes in mouse lung. Lung aging, characterized by airspace enlargement and decreasing lung function, is a significant risk factor for chronic human lung diseases.

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‘Fasting-mimicking’ diet said to reduce risk factors for aging – Reuters

Following a diet that mimics fasting may reduce risk factors for disease in generally healthy people, according to a small study.

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Longevity is the economic opportunity of our lifetime – MarketWatch

As we live longer, our society is being transformed in ways we couldn’t have imagined. It’s vital that individuals and businesses recognize the tremendous potential of this longevity revolution. Far from being an economic challenge, our aging population could generate the most significant economic opportunity of our lifetime.

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Silicon Valley

How Silicon Valley Is Trying to Hack Its Way Into a Longer Life – TIME

The titans of the tech industry are known for their confidence that they can solve any problem–even, as it turns out, the one that’s defeated every other attempt so far. That’s why the most far-out strategies to cheat death are being tested in America’s playground for the young, deep-pocketed and brilliant: Silicon Valley.

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With $15 Left in the Bank, a Baby Boomer Makes Peace With Less – The Wall Street Journal

Facing five times the debt of previous generations and relatively small savings, many retirees are making fundamental lifestyle changes; Ms. Wolf trades California for Iowa.

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What 3 Things Can I Do to Extend the Length of My Life? – TIME

Somewhere out there is a bunch of people who are going to live to be 100. In the U.S. alone, there were more than 77,000 centenarians in 2014. Still, that number is very small: centenarians represent less than a quarter of 1% of the entire U.S. population.

So how do you get to be one of them? You could invent a time machine, start your life over and do everything they did, or try to find a way to borrow their genes. Failing that, here are three things that longevity researchers recommend you start–and keep–doing.

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AARP dangles $10K prize in front of startups to help aging population – TechCrunch

A team of impetuous 20-something-year-old startup founders may not automatically reach out to the AARP to bring its products to market. Ignoring the aging population isn’t the sharpest move, however. With its Innovation Champion Award, AARP wants to highlight that those over 50 have sacks of disposable cash and aren’t afraid to spend it — as long as the value is there.

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Stanford researchers personalize virtual reality displays to match a user’s eyesight – Stanford Report

Researchers are developing a type of virtual reality display that adapts to differences in how we see depending on whether we need glasses or how old we are. This technology could reduce headaches or nausea caused by existing VR headsets.

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Stanford researchers aim to create global conversations about long, healthy living – Stanford Report

The Stanford Center on Longevity’s new, interactive website is designed to further research and to encourage officials, entrepreneurs and members of the public to think about ways of redesigning the human life.

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Trump Moves to Kill Off Obama’s Landmark Retirement Rule – The Wall Street Journal

President Donald Trump has begun killing off an Obama-era retirement-savings rule unpopular with Republicans and some financial-industry executives who say it would harm consumers more than help.

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