Trump Moves to Kill Off Obama’s Landmark Retirement Rule – The Wall Street Journal

President Donald Trump has begun killing off an Obama-era retirement-savings rule unpopular with Republicans and some financial-industry executives who say it would harm consumers more than help.

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The secret of aging—and how to slow it down – MarketWatch

What makes some people age more quickly than others? What exactly is aging? And can we do anything about the speed at which we grow old? Authors Elizabeth Blackburn, a molecular biologist, and Elissa Epel, a health psychologist, offer answers in a fascinating new book, “The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer.”

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Extracurricular activities in youth tied to social engagement later in life – Reuters

People tend to become less involved with community work and social groups as they age, but those who were most active in their high school years are the most likely to stay engaged as they age, researchers say.

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Why Succeeding Against the Odds Can Make You Sick – The New York Times

For African-American strivers, hypertension and other health problems may be linked to racism, not race.

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In Retirement, It’s Save Now or Pay (a Lot) Later – Wall Street Journal

Given a choice between satisfying our immediate needs and desires or focusing on the future, the here and now typically wins out. That impulse doesn’t bode well for retirement savings. Here are some strategies to motivate yourself to save more sooner, drawing on the latest behavioral research.

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Rebooting the nursing home – Politico

You probably have a picture of a nursing home in your head: It’s a hospital-like institution, maybe a little smelly, with long hallways, old people slumped around a large nurse’s station, harried staff and a set schedule that residents — perhaps 200 or more — must abide by. The Green House is designed specifically to blow up that model, starting with the number of people who live in it: 10.

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How long do U.S. retirees live compared to peers in other countries? – CBS MoneyWatch

If you’re an American retiree worried about outliving your savings, you may have an (unwanted) edge compared to retirees in other countries: U.S. retirees are expected to live shorter lives on average compared to citizens of most other developed nations. That’s according to an analysis presented at the recent Living to 100 Symposium sponsored by the Society of Actuaries (SOA).

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Millennials may need to double how much they save for retirement – The Washington Post

Many financial advisers recommend that workers aim to save between 10 and 15 percent of their pay. But other experts say millennials should save much more, up to nearly a quarter of their income, to avoid running out of money in old age if stock market returns fall.

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Why Do Humans Still Have a Gene That Increases the Risk of Alzheimer’s? – The Atlantic

Despite its dangers, the gene appears to protect the brain from parasites.

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For Millennials, It’s Never Too Early to Save for Retirement – The New York Times

You have probably heard it yourself: the impression that millennials are financial freewheelers. The theory goes that today’s 20- or 30-somethings spend with little regard for savings and even less regard for retiring.

Retirement planning experts say that this assumption isn’t entirely accurate — though it is perennially true that most young adults don’t make retirement savings a financial priority. But, as the experts point out, millennials are in an ideal position to get started, because whatever they set aside will grow and accrue interest greatly over time.

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