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The Decision to Retire: Research-Based Recommendations for Individuals and Employers

The decision to retire has life-altering implications for finances, health, and well-being in later life. It is clear that advancing our understanding of the retirement decision process requires a holistic and integrative perspective that considers factors in all three domains. The goal of this paper is to present a systematic framework for organizing, evaluating, and […]

Working Longer May Benefit Your Health

Are there health benefits to staying in the work force longer? The scientific research is inconclusive, though it tends to tilt toward “yes.” This is particularly pronounced among people who find work fulfilling in the first place, who tend to be office workers, teachers and others whose workplace is not, say, a factory or a […]

What you can learn from these 100-year-olds – MarketWatch

People who live to be 100 or even over 100 are growing in numbers. In fact, some experts believe the person who will live to be 150 has already been born. With new advancements in medical treatments, stem cell research and 3-D printing, this goal is becoming increasingly easy to achieve for all of us. […]