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How to Make Better Choices

Authors: Kate Douglas, Dan Jones Publication: New Scientist Year: 2007 Focus Area: Decision Making, Prevention Relevance: This article draws from scientific research to provide a brief introduction to factors that influence decision making in everyday life. Summary: Everyday decision making draws on emotion and rational (cognitive) thought. Recent research from psychologists and neuroscientists can provide […]

Cognitive Load Has Negative After Effects on Consumer Decision Making

Authors: Siegfried Dewitte, K.U. Leuven; Mario Pandelaere, K.U. Leuven; Barbara Briers, K.U. Leuven; Luk Warlop, K.U. Leuven Publication: Year: 2005 Focus Area: Decision Making, Time Relevance: Fraud targets who delay their decision making in order to make  smarter choices at a later time may not be successful in that goal. People have trouble making decisions […]

Negotiating with Yourself and Losing: Making Decisions with Competing Internal Preferences

Authors: Max H. Bazerman, Northwestern University; Anne E. Tenbrunsel, University of Notre Dame; Kimberly Wade-Benzoni, Northwestern University Publication: Academy of Management Review Year: 1998 Focus Area: Prevention, Decision Making, Emotion Relevance: Enabling people to make good decisions and avoid fraud can involve listening to both one’s rational thoughts (the should self) and intuitive feelings (the […]

Free will in consumer behavior: self-control, ego depletion, and choice

Title: Free will in consumer behavior: self-control, ego depletion, and choice Authors: Roy F. Baumeister, Erin A. Sparks, Tyler F. Stillman, Florida State University, Tallahassee; Kathleen D. Vohs, University of Minnesota Publication: Journal of Consumer Psychology Year: 2008 Focus Area: Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, Self-control Relevance: People with compromised capacity to make rational rather than […]

How Emotion Shapes Behavior: Feedback, Anticipation, and Reflection, Rather Than Direct Causation

Authors: Roy F. Baumeister, Florida State University; Kathleen D. Vohs, University of Minnesota; C. Nathan DeWall, Florida State University; Liqing Zhang, Peking University Publication: Personality and Social Psychology Review Year: 2007 Focus Area: Emotion, Decision Making Relevance: Both perpetrators of fraud and those working to prevent it take advantage of the power of emotion in […]

Self-efficacy: Toward a Unifying Theory of Behavior Change

Authors: Albert Bandura, Stanford University Publication: Psychological Review Year: 1977 Focus Area: Prevention, Decision Making Relevance: Performing tasks – rather than watching others perform them – was more effective in increasing self-efficacy and helping people overcome a phobia. Prevention programs may be able to take advantage of this technique to help people take action to […]

Decision-Making and Aging

Stanford PhD Greg Samanez-Larkin awarded 2010 Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Distinguished Dissertation Award for Social Sciences Greg Samanez-Larkin has been awarded the 2010 Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Distinguished Dissertation Award for Social Sciences for his dissertation “Incentive Processing in the Aging Brain: Individual Differences in Value-Based Learning and Decision Making Across the Adult […]