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Hamid Aghajan

Professor of Electrical Engineering (Consulting) Department: Electrical Engineering Research interests: Distributed and collaborative processing in vision networks; vision-AI interfaces for ambient intelligence; user-centric applications of vision: well-being, assisted living, gaming, HCI, and occupancy sensing and services; human pose and gesture analysis for behavior modeling; interactivity-based environment discovery Phone: (650) 736-4323 Address: David Packard Bldg. Room […]

Brian Wandell

Isaac and Madeline Stein Family Professor of Psychology and Professor, by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering and Radiology Department: Psychology Research interests: Visual neuroscience using functional and structural MRI along with behavior testing and modeling to understand the action of the visual portions of the brain; studies of the organization of the visual field maps in […]

Anthony Wagner

Associate Professor and Director, Stanford Memory Lab Department: Psychology Research interests: Cognitive neuroscience of memory and cognitive/executive control in young and older adults; encoding and retrieval mechanisms; interactions between declarative, nondeclarative, and working memory; forms of cognitive control; neurocognitive aging; functional organization of prefrontal cortex and the medial temporal lobe, assessed by functional MRI, MEG/EEG, […]

Shripad Tuljapurkar

The Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies Department: Biology Research interests: The dynamics and evolution of human and natural populations; sensitivity and extinction dynamics in the presence of disturbance, population aging and age structural transitions, evolution of senescence Email: tulja@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 724-4171 Address: Herrin Labs 454 Stanford, California 94305 Website: https://med.stanford.edu/profiles/shripad-tuljapurkar

Jeanne Tsai

Associate Professor of Psychology/ Director, Culture and Emotion Lab Department: Psychology Research interests: Cultural shaping of emotion and mental health across the life span Email: jltsai@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 736-1843 Address: Building 420, Room 171 Stanford, California 94305 Website: http://psychology.stanford.edu/~tsailab/jeanne.htm

John Shoven

Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics; Wallace R. Hawley Director, SIEPR; Senior Fellow, by courtesy, Hoover Institution Department: Economics Research interests: Corporate finance (dividend behavior, mergers and acquisitions, share repurchase), social security and private pensions, stock and bond returns, mutual funds, federal, personal and corporate income taxation, international cost-of-capital comparisons, applied general equilibrium analysis Email: […]

Richard Saller

Vernon R. & Lysbeth Warren Anderson Dean of School of Humanities and Sciences/ Professor of Classics and of History Department: History Research interests: Roman social and economic history, in particular patronage relations, the family and the imperial economy; issues of social hierarchy, gender distinctions and economic production with the aid of current social science theory […]

Lee Ross

Stanford Federal Credit Union Professor of Psychology Department: Psychology Research interests: Sources of interpersonal and intergroup misunderstanding; psychological barriers that prevent disputants from reaching mutually agreeable improvements over the status quo; developing strategies for overcoming these barriers to promote more effective conflict resolution Email: lross@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 725-2449 Address: Department of Psychology Jordan Hall, Building […]

Byron Reeves

Paul C. Edwards Professor of Communication/ Co-Founder and Faculty Co-Director of the H-STAR Institute (Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research) and its industrial affiliate program, Media X Department: Communication Research interests: The psychological processing of media in the areas of attention, emotions, learning, and physiological responses Email: reeves@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 725-3033 Address: Wallenberg Hall, Bldg […]

John Perry

Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor of Philosophy Emeritus Department: Philosophy Research interests: Philosophy of language, metaphysics, and philosophy of mind; situation semantics, reflexivity, indexicality, and self-knowledge Email: John@csli.stanford.edu Phone: (650) 723-1619 Address: Bldn 100 Rm, 1011 Stanford, CA 94305 Website: http://www-csli.stanford.edu/people/perry-john