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Jeanne Tsai

Associate Professor of Psychology/ Director, Culture and Emotion Lab Department: Psychology Research interests: Cultural shaping of emotion and mental health across the life span Email: jltsai@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 736-1843 Address: Building 420, Room 171 Stanford, California 94305 Website: http://psychology.stanford.edu/~tsailab/jeanne.htm

John Shoven

Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics; Wallace R. Hawley Director, SIEPR; Senior Fellow, by courtesy, Hoover Institution Department: Economics Research interests: Corporate finance (dividend behavior, mergers and acquisitions, share repurchase), social security and private pensions, stock and bond returns, mutual funds, federal, personal and corporate income taxation, international cost-of-capital comparisons, applied general equilibrium analysis Email: […]

Richard Saller

Vernon R. & Lysbeth Warren Anderson Dean of School of Humanities and Sciences/ Professor of Classics and of History Department: History Research interests: Roman social and economic history, in particular patronage relations, the family and the imperial economy; issues of social hierarchy, gender distinctions and economic production with the aid of current social science theory […]

Lee Ross

Stanford Federal Credit Union Professor of Psychology Department: Psychology Research interests: Sources of interpersonal and intergroup misunderstanding; psychological barriers that prevent disputants from reaching mutually agreeable improvements over the status quo; developing strategies for overcoming these barriers to promote more effective conflict resolution Email: lross@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 725-2449 Address: Department of Psychology Jordan Hall, Building […]

Byron Reeves

Paul C. Edwards Professor of Communication/ Co-Founder and Faculty Co-Director of the H-STAR Institute (Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research) and its industrial affiliate program, Media X Department: Communication Research interests: The psychological processing of media in the areas of attention, emotions, learning, and physiological responses Email: reeves@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 725-3033 Address: Wallenberg Hall, Bldg […]

John Perry

Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor of Philosophy Emeritus Department: Philosophy Research interests: Philosophy of language, metaphysics, and philosophy of mind; situation semantics, reflexivity, indexicality, and self-knowledge Email: John@csli.stanford.edu Phone: (650) 723-1619 Address: Bldn 100 Rm, 1011 Stanford, CA 94305 Website: http://www-csli.stanford.edu/people/perry-john

John Pencavel

The Pauline K. Levin-Robert L. Levin and Pauline C. Levin-Abraham Levin Professor in the School of Humanities & Sciences & Senior Fellow, by courtesy, at Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research Department: Economics Research interests: Labor economics, development economics; income inequality; worker-owned firms; labor unions; microeconomics Email: pencavel@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 723-3981 Address: Landau Economics Building […]

Samuel McClure

Assistant Professor of Psychology Department: Psychology Research interests: Neural basis of decision making; how we learn the value of goods and actions in the world and how we use this information to decide between different actions; models of decision making rooted in brain function; the function of the midbrain dopamine system and how this interacts […]

Yoshiko Matsumoto

Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures and, by courtesy, of Linguistics Department: East Asian Languages and Cultures Research interests: Various semantic, pragmatic and sociolinguistic aspects of phenomena in Japanese, including pragmatics of complex noun phrases, preference, honorifics, politeness theories, speech acts, bilingualism, and the relation among language, gender and age Email: yoshikom@stanford.edu Address: Department […]

Ellen Markman

Lewis Terman Professor of Psychology Department: Psychology Research interests: Cognitive and language development, especially early lexical acquisition, conceptual organization, categorization, and inductive reasoning in children and infants Email: markman@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 725-2421 Address: Jordan Hall, Building 420 Room 282 Stanford, CA 94305 Website: https://www.stanford.edu/dept/psychology/emarkman